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Three Peaks Marketing is not just a name; it's a culmination of 17+ years filled with experiences, passion, and a mission to helping businesses and nonprofits thrive. 

Industry Knowledge

From Tech Titans to Global Initiatives

Our corporate tenure includes multiple achievements in the global tech industry. From orchestrating nationwide media tours to spearheading worldwide product launches, we thrive in the fast-paced arena of cutting-edge innovation. The execution of strategic media buying campaigns and event management further solidifies our expertise in shaping impactful brands.

Empowering Nonprofits, Making a Difference

Almost a decade of mission-focused work rooted our purpose enact positive change. Our experience — including crafting giving strategies that resonate, communicating with donors on a deeper level, and executing national campaigns to drive action — has shaped our perspective on the power of meaningful connections.

Haley Ellison, Founder
Haley Ellison, Founder

From Dream to Reality

Hi. I'm Haley., the founder of Three Peaks Marketing.

What began as a daydream amidst the stunning backdrop of Central Oregon's Three Sisters Mountains has transformed into the vibrant reality of Three Peaks Marketing. Each peak represents a facet of my journey – marketing communications, media relations, and nonprofit strategy – united by a commitment to excellence.

Our foundation is built on the principles of resilience, tenacity, and an unyielding drive to see your brand flourish. 

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